Default [Q] Changing Function Of System Bar (Navbar) Button

Hi, I recently bought a GPD G5A and put Legacy Rom 1.1 Kitkat on it. However I am not a fan of tincore key mapper and I found the software to be intrusive, and not work properly so I removed it. I then installed Game Keyboard which does the task much better. However the bar at the bottom (The Navbar) of the device (The one with Back, Home, and Recent apps) has a shortcut which would normally open tincore key mapper, and now does nothing as tincore key mapper is no longer installed. I would instead like the shortcut to open Game Keyboard, to give me quick access to it, like I had with tinocre. I feel this seems like it should be possible through modifying a system file, but I don't know which file to modify. I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction. Thanks.