Question [Q] Encrypted phone - right password but fails to boot

Hi all,

I'm running CM11 on a Moto G. Due to work requirements I encrypted my phone via the security settings. It all went as expected, until I got to the screen where I have to enter my password to decrypt storage...

Once I enter the correct password, it loads a screen with an android on (I think it was similar to the one from the encryption screen) very briefly, then goes blank. I presume it turns off as it doesn't do anything else for quite a while. If I reboot and try enter an incorrect code, it prompts for the right code, so I'm definitely entering the correct pin.

My questions is - is there any way around this (without wiping the phone)? Any idea what's gone wrong?

I can still access recovery, but obviously it's rather limited as it's all encrypted. Is there any way I can connect via PC to get my files and decrypt them as I know the password?