Default [Q] HELP!! Boot Animation wont change on HTC m8! Tried Manual and Flashing!! Help!!

I'm new here, so yeah.. I've rooted my HTC M8 and I've been trying to change my boot animation. I've gotten Rom toolbox, boot animations app, downloaded a few. I've tried changing them manually by going to system/customize/resource, data/local, system/media, nothing! I've tried flashing them, but when I swipe in twrp, it installs then goes dark, and restarts without success. The only one that changed by both manual and flash was a catching fire boot animation. But all I was able to change was the sound from a catching fire boot animation

I got a catching fire boot animation from here...

Even though it didn't change, the catching fire zip is still there.. in system/customize/recourse

Please help I've tried everything and I'm out of ideas!!!
I have a Sprint HTC one M8. Rooted, but it doesn't have any custom roms.