Unhappy [Q] I need help with Cromi KK on Asus TF700T

Hello all, I need help with installing CROMI KK on Asus TF700T, I did everything like mentioned on thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2672751
I am(was) on stock JB 4.2.1 with BOOTLOADER VERSION
I unlocked TF700 with Asus unlock tool, installed TWRTP, root & verified root with Rootchecker.
Then I installed (internal) cm-11.0-20140810-crombi-kk-RC2-tf700t_signed.zip from Twrp RECOVERY &... nothing
TF700 is stucked on CROMI KK boot logo... (I let it all night)
Where did it go wrong ??..
Please help !