Default [Q] Help me modding framework-res.apk please...

So, I tried modding the framework-res.apk and systemUI.apk on my ROM (GlassROM Iridiscent), and I used UOT Kitchen. I wanted:

1 - I wanted to get this Battery icon:

This isn't a priority now, since I can easily add this later with UOT. However, I tried decompiling my framework apk, making my changes and recompiling, but then my Galaxy Gio wouldn't boot.

2 - I wanted the easter egg for JB to be green.
Here are the files I recoloured. They were at "framework-res\res\drawable-nodpi"

3 - I wanted to change the USB connected android to the one in the file below.
I edited this file, which was under framework-res\res\drawable-mdpi

4 - I wanted to change the default_wallpaper to the one in KitKat:

Help me please, and do the 2, 3 and 4, at least...

Here are my files:
- original working framework-res.apk -->
- original working SystemUI.apk -->
- My decompiled and modified framework-res.apk -->

If you manage to do this, after you've sent me the working files, I can give you up to 1 USD via Paypal.

Thanks in advance!

My Devices:

Samsung Galaxy Gio (Stock Rooted 2.3.6, AOSP 4.2.2, Paranoid Android v1.5, CyanogenMod 10.1, GlassROM Iridiscent v1.4 )using CWM

Samsung Galaxy SII GT-i9100 (Stock 4.1.2 + Siyah Kernel, Stock Deodexed 4.1.2 + PhilZ Kernel) using PhilZ CWM

Samsung Galaxy Young (Stock Rooted with Xposed Framework ) using CWM.

HTC Polaris running Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro and Android 1.5