Tablet Someone Help me please trying for this in 2 weeks

im an noob can someone tell me if im doing something wrong or how to fix this. I downloaded chainfire 3d and and i installed the binaries. Now my asus wont run. After a long research i found this that helped me it changed the recovery menu . but my problem is how to load the rom into the tablet . It says Copy my Custom ROM (Asus_ME173X_v, to the EXTERNAL SD Card, BEFORE you start the next steps... where is the Rom?? and how i put it into my tablet beccause there is no usb . I installed the drivers well and it wont work . it shows up as an usb when i mount the usb storage but i cannot open it. PLSSSSSSSSSS HELP i lost 200$ because of this Plssss someone. Im going insane if someone can help me pls.