Default Huawei Honor 3C - spft error 6012

I have:

huawei honor 3c H30-U10
Phone version: china (buy on aliexpress)
Initial build number: emui2.3_h30-u10_9.7.1 / Build date: 20140627-220254 / Android 4.42 / baseband v: Moly.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V37.P2

Last build number: EMUI2.3_H30-U10_4.8.16
Current status: Bootloop (logo)

Before I tried to use: „TWRP without flashing the recovery to device” to install: „[H30-U10] 6pack by flufy tendo [4.4.2][multilang][Lite]” from need rom.
After that operation:
Now Recovery doesnt work, system doesnt load. I see only logo Huawei. I tried to use „Restoring Official Stock ROM using SPFT (+Relocking The Bootloader)” but I have this error in SPFT tool: „Brom error : S_security_Sf_code_format_forbidden (6012)”

What does it mean ? Telephone is broken ? Can I do something ? Please help me.
Thank you for help