Default [Q] iDream 7066 Phablet import from China - UK

Hi Guys,

so after 3 days of research, about 54 hours in so far I have managed much but still got much to conquer

I have found out it has 2 os running on it (or i think it does) samsung note and htc dream. however it is a custom build (v p1000_V052

I have emailed the company i got it from asking for more information on the custom build but being a total noob on this im only so far in on my journey.

Its running 4.2.2 the only main issue with the device is the fact i cant flip the storage from external to internal as i only have 500mb to play with.

ive tried using external 2 internal but i read up it doesn't work on samsung devices which leads me to believe that the main os is the note as i cant flip it.

i am having all be it limited success in installing apps then transferring over to sd card using move to sd card app.

its frustrating that i cant find how to flip my storage over. considering it gives me the option of what storage to use!!

any suggestions?