Phone [Q] lenovo a560 root methods??

Hello to everyone.

I'm using Lenovo A560 and want to root it to delete all those junk, built-in apps so that my RAM usage will decrease. I have tried many times using various root software (rootgenius, kingo, framaroot) yet didn't successful to root my a560. I have already installed usb driver for lenovo a560. Anyone can help me? I already have tried to root my phone like in the thread but still the same problem occurred.

When i used rootgenius, my phone just reboot and reboot until 86% and the process failed. same on the kingo (except my phone did not reboot like before, it just failed after a reboot). In framaroot, the #error 6 message pop out.

Anyone can help me how to root my phone please? My phone system:

Android 4.3
Baseband ver : A560_A_0001_140330
Kernel Ver: 3.4.0-g80ec9c8-01182-gb30d6a7-dirty dailybuild@noc-dekstop #6
Build Num : A560_S010_143330

#just put every details for that i'm a newbie in these things. Any help would be very appreciated. (manual root not recommended, but still can try~)