Unhappy Touchscreen works at 50% after installing wrong rom

Hi all,

i got problem with my Jiayu G2F TD-SCMA (1280*720), accidentaly i installed new custom rom(lewa) for WCDMA(840*480) version of rom, to my TD-SCMA.
Sure, that rom dont boot proprely, then i realize it was bad rom, so i install back my backup with CWM. And then apear my bug with touchsreen.
It looks like it works still only at 840*480, just look at video, and screens. I gues its not hw problem, because it apear after installing wrong rom to my device.
-everythings other works fine

What i was try:
- using SP flashtool to flash official roms(2x versions), custom roms = no change
- format all smartphone using SP flashtool = no change
- install some calibration .apk's = no change
- get backup from my friend = no change
- and my fiend gues its not kernel problem, because he compared my kernel with his and its same

imgup.cz/image/X2E - androsenzor
imgup.cz/image/X2F - multitouch
youtube.com/watch?v=x-G85y3FBHg&feature=youtu.be - video of problem

my apologize, i dont have permission to add links to post.

Best regards.