Default [Q] Mobile hotspot help

Hey new here to xda. Okay I'm having problems. I have an unrooted xperia z ultra c6806 and I'm on metro pcs. The thing is when I try to use wifi hotspot on other Android devices I can do it without a problem but when I try it with my ps4 everything connects fine but it won't let me sign into psn or go online but I go to the user's guide and get a metro pcs upsell page so that's the problem. Is there a work around to this that doesn't involve root bc I don't have a computer or wifi atm. I even tried to pay for their hotspot service but I can't bc I'm on the unlimited data plan and not using one of their phones. Any help would really be appreciated.
....Woops sorry didn't know where to post this but I don't know how to move it to q and a