Sign [Q] Pay ETF, Move to Tmobile or Stay Put??

Current Situation:
Under contract with Verizon for another 9 months. Shattered my phone screen (Droid RAZR Maxx HD) and its $170 to fix. Still usable just terribly annoying. I want to move to AT&T with the new family share plan but being under contract my options kind of suck. I am trying to keep the total costs as close to $350 for moving but not sure if its worthwhile.


#1 - Leave the phone as is and ride out the 9 months | Cost $0

#2 - Fix the phone and ride out the 9 months | Cost $170

#3 - Cancel my contract for $200 and get a new phone, Nexus 5 for $350, and move to AT&T | Cost $550

#4 - Go to Tmobile and have them pay the ETF and buy a phone from them. 40 days until I can unlock the phone and then go to AT&T | Cost $unknown

If you would choose option #4 what phone do you get? I don't want to spend more then $350 if possible and it has to work with AT&T when I unlock it.