Default Problems drawing Canvas Image in my Android Browser

Hi,I have moved my question here for guidance of a moderator.

I new in this forum and i hope that you can help me with this...

I can't see correctly canvas images in my Android browser of my Cubot X6 (MTK6592).
I tried to draw and detect gestures in a little web app that i desing, but for my sorprise, my Chrome Browser (Android), dead, when i open my app.
I thinked ... this is my problem, any line code, but i try to open this page in my browser:
HTML5 Canvas Mobile Touch Events Tutorial (First result in google with this cuote)
and again, my browser crashes when i try to open the page.

Why i cant work with canvas images in a mediatek phone?, because in other phones no mediatek how (SIII, SIV, LG F3, etc) the app open normaly and the last url too.

Sorry my english.

Thanks, regards.