Default [Q] recovering fullbackup file from Sony xperia SP

Hello all,
I had a sony xperia sp and an unfortunate event consisting in a glass of beer pooring over the phone that was on the table it no longer boots.
That beeing said, i had a backup done with sonys software on my computer.
I now bough another phone wich is not sony and i would like to recover, mainly the contacts from that backup but after googling for solution and searching on this wonderfull website i came out with nothing.
I tryed one sugestion that i found on here wich consisted in using a jar file that would extract the information but it didnt work out form me.
Now, im no expert but i though that it could not be such a dificult thing to have a way to open the backup file done with the sony software and extract what u need, but it seems i am on a dead path.
Any suggestions or help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all.