Unhappy [Q] Anyone know of any remote rooting services?

Hi guys,

I am having a hair pulling stressful time trying to root my HTC One Mini. I have tried following countless guides and videos and seem to get so far before it all fails and i have got to the stage where i think i am doing more damage than good. So i was looking for someone who could possibly remote root my phone for me.

So far i have manage to unlock the phone, get to the TWRP recovery menu and installed something. I tried to access SU, however got the no binary message. I followed another tutorial and some how ended up with SuperUser which i cant seem to get rid of.

I think i have got to the stage where i need to totally unroot (if i am even rooted) and lock the phone back up and start from scratch, again im scared to do this myself in case i make it any worse!

So if anyone can remotely help me or point me in the direction of a paid service i would be hugely appreciative!