Question [Q] Spreadsheet data into Android Widget

Hi All

I'm after some help/advice!

I have a spreadsheet which I regularly update, which resides on dropbox. I can sync it to my device with Dropsync if needed. The first sheet of this spreadsheet contains a summary, of which I'd like the data placed on a widget within Android.

The spreadsheet contains multiple sheets, with each bank account, credit card etc. The first sheet contains the list of accounts and respective balances.

I'd like a very simple widget on a homescreen replicating the same information. So that when I update the spreadsheet on my device or laptop, it is then synced to dropbox to remain up to date. But the data from the front page is read into the widget.

Does anyone know of the best way to achieve this?

I'd thought about a spreadsheet widget? But not had much joy with that one.
I'd also thought about using Tasker to parse the data from the local copy of the spreadsheet. Don't know if this is possible.


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