Tablet [Q] Tablet is in boot loop, not rooted, ADB won't detect device. Is it fixable?

So here's everything I've done to the Asus Memopad HD7 (me173x) with Android version 4.2.2 ever since I got it (in the span of a few months):
  • rooted the device using Framaroot.
  • deleted bloatware that came with the device.
  • noticed that there's an update to version 4.2.4.
  • couldn't install update because I deleted some of the system apps.
  • used a root explorer app and the zip here to paste the missing APK files, I also switched the current build.prop file with the one in the downloaded zip (thought that it also changed while deleting the bloatware).
  • unrooted the device.
  • rebooted the tablet into Recovery.
  • wiped data.
I thought it would bring the tablet to a sort of "out of the box" shape but now it's stuck in a boot loop and I don't know if the situation is still reversable. I can still access Recovery.
I tried using this guide for help however ADB cannot detect my me173x. It does detect my i9100 when booted to recovery and connected though..

When I connect the tablet and power it on the PC does detect it as an unspecified device named "me173x".. Looking through Device Manager it reads MTP USB device..

Can something still be done about it? Or did I just brick my tablet?