Default [Q] Trouble booting after flashing converting to f2fs - stuck on boot animation

Device is Evita (AT&T HTC One X).

Greetings! I'm a new member to the forum, but I've lurked for a long time, therefore I can't post this in the respective thread. I've successfully flashed many ROMs, including Paranoid Android (including the latest release) but am dissatisfied with the performance. I discovered that f2fs conversion claims serious performance advantages for AOSP based ROMs, and eagerly followed each step to flash it. I apologize if I mix up terminology anywhere, but I think I've got most of it.

Here are the steps that I have taken:

1. Flashed latest TWRP with support for f2fs
2. Performed a full wipe
3. Went to Advanced Wipe, converted data first, then cache partitions to f2fs.
4. Flashed PA ROM
5. Wiped cache/dalvik
6. Flashed Torched Kernel (with support for f2fs)
7. Flashed f2fs-fstab conversion tool (v1.2)
8. Reboot System

I've even tried flashing the boot.img from the PA ROM in fastboot, but no dice. I can't figure out why I'm still getting stuck on the boot animation. Anybody have an idea? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.