Unhappy [Q] Not working USB in ZTE v987 - no data, no charge.

Well, I have a problem with USB. After uploading all the files and so on. Did not work for me correctly the USB port. The case concerns the charging and data transfer.

When the phone is switched off phone charges normally. There is no problem. However, after each reboot phone to charge moved Mobileuncle I have to use tools -> Engineer Mode -> ICC -> Hardware testing -> USB -> USB IF test. How they are carried out in and out of the trap that the phone is charging. Otherwise there is no chance for anything.

USB data transfer does not exist. The computer does not detect the phone as a device, but it loads (like the one w / the process was carried out) on the cell or nothing appears. I have debugging turned on.

I'm not entirely sure, but when I try to either select an invalid file for Flash Tools, as I had downloaded files for two types of MTK.

In my view, clearly something is not working the wrong drivers. Changing Rom with Bruno on MIUI gave nothing. I do not know. Maybe something in preloader Things have changed?

I will be grateful for any help.