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My girlfriend and I are on Koodo network (a Telus MVNO) and we have issue with signal reception in our house. Both phones were getting good signal with others carriers (Rogers and Videotron). According to the coverage map at the Koodo store, we should get strong LTE/HSPA signal in our neighborhood, which is the case, but unfortunately when we are inside our house, the signal drop to -110dBm (0-1 bar) and even no signal at all in some areas of the house. We get descent signal reception right outside our house (around -80dBm 3-4 bars).

What I would like to do is to take that signal from the outside and bring it inside the house so we can use our cell phones at home and get rid of our land line. I need your help to determine which repeater/booster I should use. We don't really care having LTE data inside the house because we already have high-speed internet trough a wifi router, only being able to make/receive calls would be fine.

I'm looking for something priced below 200$-250$. I can do the installation myself without any problem (i.e installing an antenna on the roof if required). I found that one:
not sure if it suited for our needs. Afaik, Koodo use 800/1900 MHz for HSPA and 1700/2100 for LTE

Any suggestions/personal experience/advices would be appreciated. Changing carrier is not an option atm.
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