Default Wrong Model Number After Flashing CM10.1.2-d2tmo

I have the SGH-T999L. I received this device from a friend that said it wouldn't boot. Turns out all it needed was to be reflashed. So I downloaded stock ROM and used ODIN to flash. Have to flash the recovery and main ROM. After that phone booted and performed great. So I decided to use this device and decided to flash Cyanogenmod. So I flashed CWM recovery and then put After Flashing the phone states the following.
Model Number
BaseBand Version
Kernel Version
3.4.45-cyanogenmod-g7dcfdd1 build2@cyanogenmod #1 Thu Jul 11 17:45:40 PDT 2013

So what if anything did I do wrong to have the phone tell me that its model is a T999 instead of a T999L
Thanks in advance for any help guys.