Exclamation AT&T Nexus 5 Hotspot Not Passing Internet Traffic

I could really use some help on this one. I have the ATT family share plan with 10GB of data. It comes with Hotspot. My wife using a iPhone has a fully functional hotspot. I however on my Nexus 5 do not.

  • Running Android L First Release
  • Hotspot can be enabled
  • Devices can connect to the hotspot via Bluetooth or WiFi
  • Connected Devices get internal IP address and can ping gateway (the Nexus) however can not route to internet

So I am pretty sure its an ATT right? Nexus is standing up a network, providing an IP, pingable internally, just not getting to the internet. I guess it could be bad code on Android L not NAT'ing the traffic??

I did open an AT&T case and they told me they would call me back in a few days, a week later come to find out they closed my case without helping me, I have reopened but obviously not optimistic they will help.

Anyone who can help me find logs or point me in the right direction?