Default HTC One (M7) Flashed to Cricket

I have a HTC One (M7) Flashed to cricket. They told me not to update the device because it would get rid of the flash and not work properly. This morning however while i was asleep I managed to update the device. I have tried it and it seems like everything works properly except for YouTube and MMS. GPS still works, and all other network related apps seem to work just fine. I am planing on taking it back to get flashed again. However another update appeared. Is it safe for me to update? Wont be a couple of weeks until I can flash it again, and I do rely on the network on my phone. What I would like to know is: 1)Is there a way i can get MMS and YouTube working properly again? 2)Can I update my phone and still have the data working until I can flash the phone again? Thanks for any help anyone may bring.