Thumbs down My facebook account is temporary closed


I'm really desperate... I have a second Facebook Profile, and there I have created a restaurant page for a business. The owner of that business, wanted to make him admin of that page, and after entering his email (which is linked to his profile), a message showed up saying that for security reasons, it signed me out. From that moment, when I try to log in, it keeps saying that someone else is using the profile, and I have to enter a code which was sent in my mobile number, which number doesn't exist anymore.

I have filled some forms in the help center, and for weeks I haven't seen any result. People keep liking this page and waiting for any update. I have created a second page from another profile which is identical to the first one but I really want to delete the first one.

I have added a guy who works at Oracle and Google Developer Group in Mumbai, he responded me that he will try to help me, but ever since he totally skims me over.

Do you have any solution? I don't know where else to look for this issue. The business owner isn't very happy for this. Why Facebook should do this? What I want is either take control of the first page or delete it.
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