Phone [Root Guide] Kyocera Hydro Vibe

Warning, use at your own risk! Might turn your phone into bender who wants to kill all humans & steal your stuff! In all seriousness, you use this at your own risk! It is not my fault if you brick your phone, I did not create the program. Just came across it, took a gamble.

Phone still seems to work OK for me after this. Programs seem to get granted Root permissions. However, Root checkers claim its not rooted at first. Superuser seems to get uninstalled, but when reinstalled it only knows how to crash. So you need to install SuperSU Instead to update the superuser binaries. This will allow full root.

Program installs something called Kinguser. Seems to work, and things that require root permissions seem to work such as uninstalling annoying built in apps like Lumen Toolbar (Yeah you can disable it without root, but it still there taking space. But I was able to fully remove it.)

(Windows OS Required)

1. Enable USB Debugging
(go to setting -> About Phone -> Tap on Build number till Dev Options enable → Go back to settings → Dev Options → Check USB Debugging)

2. Download Root Genius
ROOT Genius - Android Oneclick Root Tool

3. Run the program and follow it step by step. it dose everything on its own pretty much from there.
If it keeps asking to retry, Check your phone to make sure you allow the computer to connect. But dont stop here, if you do the root will only be half done! Finish the steps.

4. Let it do its thing and finish.

5. Install SuperSU (From the PlayStore) instead of Superuser (Doing this will allow Root Checkers to see the device is indeed rooted)

6. Enjoy & Be careful with it!