Default [Q] I want to shut down bluetooth on droid 4.0.4


LIke to disable bluetooth on gigabyte GS202+ kernel 4.0.4. I install app lock and create profile and disable bluetooth, but in logs can see this regarding to bluettoth, can someone chech what is it please:

09-02 08:20:31.669 D/BluetoothAtPhonebook( 421): getDefaultSIM : SIM ID=1
09-02 08:20:31.704 D/BluetoothAtPhonebook( 421): getDefaultSIM : slot ID=0
09-02 08:20:31.704 D/Bluetooth HS/HF( 421): [BT][HFG] [API] updateServiceState service=1, mService=1, roam=0, mRoam=0
09-02 08:20:31.705 D/Bluetooth HS/HF( 421): [BT][HFG] [API] sendURC()

update topic

Does any one know which clone is it, or what major producer gigabyte copy. Reminder phone is with mediatek CPU gigabyte GS202+, like to know where can find schematik for folowing phone.

thanks, Robin.