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By JesterDoobie, Member on 10th August 2014, 03:21 AM
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ok, first, I'm disabled, in a chair, on the dole, and DIRT poor. This is pertinent because it means I can't afford a better device, I have to work within my means. Suggestions to upgrade my device will be ignored. Second, I use Windows, mostly. I CAN use Linux a BIT, but don't really want to, as it's not very intuitive or user-friendly, and my current PC hardware configuration has a LOT of difficulty running even the newest Linux distros. I consider myself pretty computer-savvy, been a freelance PC tech for 20 years now, so I've got some fairly advanced skills and knowledge. I think. I'll also say that my phone is rooted, and has CWM recovery installed.

What I need help with is porting my current rom, to remove ALL of the PHONE/SMS features, and ALL of the wifi power-saving features built into Android. Basically, I want it to function as a non-3g tablet, but with MAX WIFI. GPS would be nice, I use Maps and Navigation a lot, but is not REALLY necessary, as long as I can use a wifi location, Maps should work fine. Since my device is plugged in most of the time, I don't need power-saving features, and I'm pretty sure that THEY are why my device is constantly "disabling" my wifi network (wifi shows as available, 2 bars (-60 or -70 dBm, never seen more than -76) BUT labelled "Disabled, secured with wpa/wpa2 psk. KNOWN issue with GB, I'm pretty sure.) If I click connect, it works FINE. while I'm using it. but after about 10 mins, it's disabled again. Googling this problem has led me to the belief that it is the unwanted power-saving features that are doing this. I should say that I have a KILLER battery my brother gave me, at present I can go 3 days without a charge, and that's with music playing 24/7 over a bluetooth connection, max brightness, AND using wifi/tethering as much as I can. So battery life is not a problem.

I do NOT have access to the SOURCES for my rom. I emailed Huawei and asked for them, and was given a link to the stock firmware, which is in some kinda strange format (it's an .app file, and I can't open/edit it, merely install it. If I could unpackage it, I MIGHT be able to use IT as a source, but I doubt it.)
I can do the work, it's surprisingly easy. I am currently running a kernel that I compiled, but this is beyond me. I have a Linux partition runnin 14.04 LTS. What I need from you:
what programs to use? where to get them? Instructions on HOW to USE them written for somebody who knows JACK about Linux. I ca ./run_a_Program, and have SOME knowledge about repos/sources and compiling/cross-compiling.
and the BIG part is: WTF do I remove/change to accomplish this? PLEASE, if you are replying, remember that I'm an idiot about this stuff, so K.I.S.S.

I have read ALL of the "noob-friendly" guides available here, and they all have one fatal flaw for me: they tell you HOW to do stuff, but not WHAT to do. They setup a build environment, and say have fun. WTF? IDK what im doing, here. What does Demilitarized_zone_free_space=2048 mean? what does changing it affect? how do I change anything, given that IDK What any of this MEANS? Think of it like this: I grew up racing hotrods, know EVERYTHING about them. Now I'm trying to work on an electric-only car. A LOT of my knowledge is useless, but I HAVE already managed to mod a buncha stuff, so I have SOME learning.
I don't REALLY wanna spend YEARS learning Linux, just to tweak my phone. I know I'm gonna have to USE it to do what I want, that's fine. where to start?

And if there is some SIMPLER WAY to do this, I'd LOVE to hear it. I ran across an apk one time here on XDA, that solved the wifi issue, but I cannot find it now.
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I can understand your frustration. Have you tried asking in the guide threads that you've referred to? Seems the best place to ask questions to me.

Have you seen this guide?

> Android Development and Hacking > Android General > [GUIDE] How to port Stock/GB/CM7/CM9/ICS/CM10/JB Based ROMs [Update: Sept.25.2012

It's an old thread, but still some recent activity in it. Or ask in any of the other threads you spoke about reading.

You could ask for help here as well,

> Android Development and Hacking > Miscellaneous Android Development

Hopefully you can find help in one of these places!

Good luck!
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