DIY- Magnetic cat mount with qi charger

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By alogblog, Junior Member on 9th March 2014, 09:50 AM
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I've just made magnetic car mount with wireless charger, and finished speed bump test. I think it's OK.
So I'd like to share with you.

I had used a car mount with left and right arms gripping my phone. But it was inconvenient main for two resaons.
One is that whenever riding and unriding a car, I had to hadndle mount (spring) arms
The (main reason?) other is that arm's handles hide status and nav bars or restrict left-right swiping.

So I assembled my used mount and cheep qi charger with magnetic.
Many magnetic car mounts in this forum or market have had a focus on strong holding force, so
what maget? what number of magnet?, what placement of magnet? etc...

My car mount has a little focus on magnet, instead I focused mounting arms which don't grip a phone, just hold it so remove downward slip force.

From now on, I will write my steps, but you could apply this method with other your mounts.
In that page, see how this mount works.

I showed images and links just for looking through items. You can get those from your market. I ruined that type mount during DIY, so bought several ones from Korea market for ~ 2.5$/1ea, very cheep, but good quality.

- Open the top cover of mount

- Dispart it

I cut the movavle arm a little, but in my final version I didn't.

My car dock provides bottom arm AND RIGHT arm. Right arm is for putting a phone in PORTRAIT mode. If you want to put a phone ONLY LANDSCAPE mode, you dont have to do below works.

I cut out a hole for right arm using cutter and nail clipper.

I chose RIGHT side for portrait mode, but it's only for my car situation (usb cigar jack location and mounting position etc...)
If you want to put a phone in portrait mode, select left or rihgt hole carefully considering your car environment.

In this picture,"right" arm is shown not being cut out.

Top cover is rotated 90 degree and super glued ( screw holes are not aligned, and it was hard to drill holes )

<< Only LANDSCAPE mode >>
If you want only landscaape mode, you don't have to do above works( like to make a hole, and glue... )
In this case, you have two options.
Cut the movable arm properly ( I cut it too much, as a result, too short arm, I failed... ), and locate qi charger.
Just remove movable arm without cutting it, in this case you have to superglue qi charger to top part of mount.

<< My final mount >>

I double-taped qi charger to top of mount, but you'd better use super-glue.

<< Nexus 5 positioned >>

Speed bump test

<< What about magnets? >>

Above arrangement of magnets are my final version. But dont get me wrong! My version of magnets are from insufficient square magnets.

I had test several manget arrangments, and measured time/temperatue from 20% to 90% battery charging.
You can see my test sheet.

But too long story, just my humble result!

If magnets are near of coil, and you want to strong force, then I think its inevitable to get longer charging time and some heat.
If you want, place the magnets in right spot where Nexus5's steel plates are.

But I(or we?) am using bottom and right arms, and that removes downward slippage, it reduce the neccecity to have strong magnet.
I used the gutter of qi charger, it was about 1mm deep and 5mm width.

I had only EIGHT 5mm X 5mm X 2mm square magets. I put those at gutter of charger. Fairy good attraction force, but not very satisfatoy.
So I used 6mm dia x 2mm thick circular magets ( yes, it may be unbalanced, but I cant wait to buy magnets...)

If you have PUCK type qi charger and it has gutter, use that gutter for locating magnets. It's not weak.(you use arms)
I think 4 5x5x2 magnets in each side are quite strong (from my road bump test)

<< Tip from my experience >>
- Use GOOD( rather expensive? ) cigarette jack and cable), I've failed with many jack and cable. I bought Samsung 2A cigager jack without its cable. Nearly most of 2A advetised cigar jack did give me poor current.
- Use scotch tape to put magnets into gutter, in order to find sufficient number or magnets with your phone's state(case or something)
- When glueing magets to gutter or jut on top plate of qi charger, BE CAREFUL not to splatter to your face(or eye)
When you put and glue magnet to magets, some maget pull next one, and splatter glue, a little dangerous.
It easy to glue first magnet, but when trying to glue a magnet to next one, next one may pull that magnet having superglue.
Use plastic or something tool to hide pre-glued magnets.
- After glueing total magnets to qi charger, you have to take care the flatness of those.Super glue melted a little qi charger plate, so, as your amount of glue some magnets can be higher. I upside downed qi charger with magnets on table glass.

It looks like quite complex, but NO NO NO
Just prepare car mount like above, PUCK typed qi charger, and about 20 5mm x 5mmx 2mm(of course that size depends on your qi charger's gutter width) Neodium magnets(I don't know exact magnet spec), and super glue. That's it. In some weekend, you can make it.

Good luck.
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13th March 2014, 09:06 PM |#2  
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Great manual.
Could you please tell the name of your other mount part?
I like it very much.
1st May 2014, 07:13 PM |#3  
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I have been using my DIY QI Charger Car mount with magnets and it has started to get warm here in California.

I just had to mention that I have noticed the magnetic force on the magnets I have on it have slightly weakened. My phone has been slightly sliding off the mount during my regular commute which I haven't noticed before (2nd time I have replaced my magnets in 5 months). Magnets have a specific operating temperature, high temp can actually slightly demagnetize it. So be prepared to replace your magnets during summertime.
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