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Rearth Discover Wallet Case Review

Im a little surprised that no one has done a review of this product for the Nexus 5 yet but its hard to plop down a good chunk of change for a phone case especially if the point of getting said phone was because it is a bargain. I usually don't buy cases which cover the phone completely with a flap (wallet style) but I really love my Nexus 5 and this case looked like the best I could find and at around 50 bucks I hoped for the best...

The Box

Sorry no pictures of this because I opened it in an unboxing video and didn't think to take pictures of it. The box was very flimsy, almost looked as if it was damaged. The plastic window showcasing the phone had been pushed in creating a hole which you could stick your fingers into. That didn't really bother me much as long as the contents weren't damaged.

There were a few items in the box:

-The case
-Little card explaining the features of the case
-Screen protector and screen protector accessories (I didnt use any of these because I have a Spigen screen protector on my Nexus 5 already)

The case was held in place inside the box by a thin piece of cardboard with a weird paper strap which had adhesive on the very and which was stuck to the phone case. Peeling off the piece of paper with adhesive on it left a mark which I first thought was just stuck adhesive (Turns out this actually damaged the leather leaving marks)

The Case

The case felt very nice to the touch as it is real leather, It made my phone look like a little book. This case obviously adds a lot of bulk but its meant to replace your wallet in addition to protecting your phone.

Front of the case

Back of the case, notice the damage to the leather? Cutouts are fine with the exception of a little piece of plastic left over from the molding process with by the camera hole at 11 o'clock.

Great stitching and some branding.

Branding on the rib.

Inside the case, four pockets, some subtle branding.

How the phone is held in, some branding, Ringke Fusion case with a leather cover. All holes are nicely cut out and all buttons are covered and responsive.

The Conclusion

In conclusion it's a flawed beauty, it is so close to being perfect for me. I think this is a great start for Rearth, they usually make much cheaper products, but for the cost I don't think the adhesive should've left a mark like that (I feel its not acceptable), I think they should at least remove the "Ringke Fusion" on the case and it's missing one key feature that turns me off, there is no wake function for this case.

I will be contacting Rearth to see if I can get a replacement or if they will be updating this case at least with a sleep wake function.

Thanks for reading/watching guys!