Video [VIDEO] RavPower Portable Power Bank w/ QI Wireless Charging

So right before I sold my wife's Nexus 5, I had the opportunity to test it out with he RavPower RP-WCN11. It's basically a 4800mAh capacity portable charger like other ones on the market. You can attach a device to it with a USB cord like any other. However, it also has QI wireless charging capability.

I guess you could also say it's like a normal QI wireless charging pad that happens to have a 4800 mAh capacity battery inside.

I know others have referenced the product a few times. Here's a video with it in use.

My wife continues to use the power bank in the car and when we're walking our daughter around the neighborhood. It's held up pretty well.

Current price is $56.99 on Amazon w/ free shipping.
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