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[KERNEL] [KK] [L] [Linear 2.9] [Linaro GCC 4.9.1] [08/07]

OP hottix

7th July 2014, 01:05 PM   |  #1  
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This is my idea about the kernel: close to stock, simple and "linear".
I just added things that i need for a good kernel and i thought I'd share it with the community.

  • Aosp kernel
  • Based on android-msm-hammerhead-3.4-kitkat-mr2
  • Based on android-msm-hammerhead-3.4-l-preview (L version)
  • Stock mpdecision
  • Build with Linaro GCC 4.9.1-2014.07 toolchain optimized for Cortex-A15
  • LCD_KCAL: Color Control driver
  • Faux Sound Control
  • Voltage Control
  • Kexec-Hardboot support
  • Gamma Control
  • USB Fast Charge
  • Sweep2wake, doubletap2wake, sweep2sleep,
  • Prevent touches during phone calls, fullscreen option
  • wake timeout
  • Option to disable touch wake with power button
  • SIO, FIOPS,ZEN and BFQ i/o schedulers
  • backlight dimmer
  • network speed tweak
  • exFAT support
  • ntfs support
  • call recording support
  • Fixed some warning
  • Always on rgb led support
  • Reduce minimum panel brightness
  • kgsl: Report GPU frequency correctly
  • ...and more on my git..

How to flash:
  • Reflash your rom if you were using another custom kernel on your rom
  • Flash kernel - no need to wipe
  • reboot
  • enjoy


Linear 2.9

Linear 2.9-L

If you like my work, please feel free to donate ^_^

In $

In €


Linear 2.9 / 2.9-L - Aug 7, 2014

Sound Control: expose direct register manipulations to userspace
Sound Control: Misc clean up for newer WCD9xxx SOCs
Sound Control: let register lock be dependent on different hw revisions
Sound Control: separate locking mechanism for recording and playback
msm: use of swp{b} is deprecated for ARMv6+
ARM: be strict about FP exceptions in kernel mode
ARM: add support for kernel mode NEON
ARM: crypto: add NEON accelerated XOR implementation
ARM: 7835/2: fix modular build of xor_blocks() with NEON enabled
ARM: only allow kernel mode neon with AEABI

Linear 2.8-L - Aug 1, 2014

Merge android-msm-hammerhead-3.4-l-preview source code

Linear 2.8 - Aug 1, 2014

bug fixes "Color Profile" in Linear configuration
Add /dev/frandom support

Linear 2.7 - Jul 30, 2014

Add more tcp: westwood, htcp, vegas, veno, illinois
set westwood by default
BFQv7r4 scheduler
update BFQ-v7r5
add ZEN scheduler
Add backlight dimmer option
More gradual levels for backlight dimmer mod (based on @MZHou module)
Backlight dimmer mod: more gradual transitions
backlight: fix a bug where the screen would be completely dark
backlight: clean the code
backlight: add minimum backlight brightness module param
backlight: scale max current when the brightness level is below 15

Add more linear setting:

CPU MAX frequency
CPU Governor settings
TCP congestion
GPU MAX frequency
add more Color Profile
backlight dimmer

Linear 2.6 - Jul 23, 2014

Linear Configuration file: set your kernel (credit to flar2)
disable s2w/dt2w after timeout
disable timeout by default
Revert "slimbus: overclock root freq

Linear 2.5 - Jul 19, 2014

Build with Linaro GCC 4.9.1-2014.07 Cortex-A15
Option to disable touch wake with power button
Add option for sweep2sleep only
fullscreen option
Make power button also disable irq_wake in touch driver
fix unbalanced irq_wake
arm/dts: hammerhead: Optimize panel init/uninit sequence

Linear 2.4 - Jul 17, 2014

exFAT support
fs: exfat: Update to v1.2.8
stereo call recording support
slimbus: overclock root freq
msm: thermal: Update to speed up bootup time
softirq: reduce latencies
add gpu simple governor
ntfs support enabled

Linear 2.3 - Jul 11, 2014

ARM: dts: msm: increase adsp heap size for msm8974
arm/dt: msm8974: Increase "ib" values for VIDC DDR bandwidth request
net: loopback: set default mtu to 64K
ARM: dts: msm: Increase OCMEM BW request for video decode
prevent touches during phone calls while screen is off and s2w or dt2w are enabled
revert lge: remove console enabler function call

Linear 2.2 - Jul 9, 2014

Linux 3.40: clean source, close to stock
block: deadline: Optimize for non-rotational
Linaro GCC 4.9.1: fix compilation warnings
bcmdhd: reducir wakelocks
block: row: add magic values
optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm
Revert ofast
ARM: Use -mcpu=cortex-a15 when targeting MSM Krait CPUs
Added sweep2wake, doubletap2wake, sweep2sleep
sound: hack faux sound
Increase size charging percentage Indicator

Linear 2.1 - Jul 1, 2014

Ofast optimization level
Percentage indicator charge when phone is off
ARM/dt: set values minimum panel brightness to 4
mm: push readahead to 512kB
various fixes

Linear 2.0 - Jun 27, 2014

fix miui compatibility
Input: Send events one packet at a time
mdss: dsi: Resolving memory leak in parse dsi commands
leds: leds-qpnp: Set proper flash duration
msm: Improve qpnp-vibrator scheduling
deadline: Allow 0ms deadline latency, increase the read speed
deadline: enable default

Linear 1.9 - Jun 23, 2014

Linux 3.4.94
Add SIO and FIOPS i/o schedulers
fiops: enable default
Reduce minimum panel brightness to 3
msm: kgsl: Allow GPU start to run in a high priority queue
msm: kgsl: Add an input handler to power up the GPU on a touch event
msm: kgsl: Fix nice level for higher priority GPU start thread
msm: kgsl: Schedule adreno_start in a high priority workqueue

Previous versions:


  • savoca
  • Christopher83
  • faux123
  • showp1984
  • flar2
  • neobuddy89
  • franciscofranco
  • myfluxi
  • Cl3Kener
  • mzhou
  • Tasssadar
  • CriGio
  • #lafossa
  • Google
  • Xda
  • ..and anyone i've forgotten ...

Linear G+ community




You can change many parameters with this configuration file located in /etc/linear.conf without using 3rd party applications.
Use a file manager with root permissions, making sure you have permission to read/write and the latest version of busybox.

Note - Applications such as trickster there may be conflicts... use script or app, otherwise any post reporting issue will be ignored. This kernel has mpdecision stock, a touch of boost frequency 1267 MHz, this frequency will be displayed as a minimum in applications such as trickster mod. Minimum frequency is 300 MHz.

To apply changes there're 3 methods available:

1 - reboot device

2 - install a file manager with run script feature as root browser, go to directory /etc/init.d and open (as a script) 99linear.

3 - Android terminal emulator and type these commands:

To verify configuration options open log file in /data/local/tmp/linear.log


CPU MAX freq

CPU Governor

i/o Scheduler

Readahead Buffer Size

TCP congestion


Sweep2wake Sweep2sleep - 0 to disable sweep2wake / 1 to enable sweep2wake and sweep2sleep / 2 to enable sweep2sleep only

Doubletap2Wake - 0 to disable doubletap2wake / 1 to enable doubletap2wake bottom / 2 to enabled doubletap2wake fullscreen

Power Key Toggles S2W/DT2W - 1 to disable s2w and dt2w with the power button turning the screen off

S2W/DT2W Timeout - enter number of minutes to automatically disable Doubletap2wake and sweep2wake

Fastcharge - 0 off / 1 on

GPU Governor - ondemand/simple/performance

GPU MAX freq

Color Profile - 44 profiles

Backlight dimmer - 0 off / 1 on - minimum brightness lower than stock
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7th July 2014, 01:26 PM   |  #2  
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Thanks !
Last edited by shadowdevil; 14th July 2014 at 09:36 AM.
7th July 2014, 02:12 PM   |  #3  
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Thanks man for your work.

amazing.. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
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7th July 2014, 03:24 PM   |  #4  
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Thank you for your excellent work
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7th July 2014, 04:21 PM   |  #5  
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congratulations for great kernel! Thank you
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7th July 2014, 06:22 PM   |  #6  
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thanks for this great kernel
Thank you Hottix
8th July 2014, 08:19 AM   |  #7  
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Thanks hottix for this amazing kernel! Good luck

Inviato dal mio Nexus 5 utilizzando Tapatalk
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8th July 2014, 08:47 AM   |  #8  
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Almost 200 downloads and only a few thanks?


Thx dude, I'll test this on the next few days.

Sent from my Nexus 5 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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8th July 2014, 09:01 AM   |  #9  
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Thanks mate...Flashing now ..
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8th July 2014, 09:13 AM   |  #10  
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Thanks for another kernel option. Testing now on my ROM.

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