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[KERNEL][3.4.100][07/29/14] UBER | LINARO 4.10.0 & SaberMod 4.10.0 | -OFast Graphite

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Originally Posted by Andromendous View Post
is there a way to change the GPU speed to 450Mhz from terminal, or just without the need of an app?
Read here :
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Originally Posted by Andromendous View Post
is there a way to change the GPU speed to 450Mhz from terminal, or just without the need of an app?
echo "450000000" > /sys/devices/fdb00000.qcom,kgsl-3d0/kgsl/kgsl-3d0/max_gpuclk

You can do this by terminal, init.d or navigating to the file and changing it directly.
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Originally Posted by Starsream88 View Post
lol, I've looked there before, dont remember seeing the gpu options. looks like its already set to 450. things are always changin!

thanks anyways
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Yup default is at 450 I believe
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3.4.100 is out!
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Angry 3.4.100

July 29, 2014

3.4.100 was released!

I also added a bunch of new optimizations. Total commit count added was 117 since my last release two days ago.

With this release I tried hard to optimize app loading/unloading. Hopefully all of these commits were not made in vain. (see changelog below)

I've set gpu to 450 MHz via init.d because I plan on having another look at the GPU OC to see if I can push it to 650 MHz shortly and I want to make sure it doesn't boot at that frequency though. has been updated to look better. Hopefully you like it! If anyone is good with php that could potentially help me add a download counter to it I'd really appreciate it. Add my on hangouts if you are interested in helping me make even better!

Links is back! Everything will be uploaded there once again! For some reason the sorting is off so files are out of order. It might take you a second to find things for now. Hopefully they sort by name in the future.

Unfortunately, Dev Host is currently rejecting my ssh upload. This happens from time to time. Don't go there this week because you'll be disappointed! Hopefully it will work again next week!



Select Code
087f957 mmc: block: Fix an invalid use of req->cmd_flag in DISCARD operation
f25b5c7 mmc: queue: do not clean current request when urgent in progress
b6049d6 mmc: print an error on FLUSH timeout
2b057ae mmc: sdhci: Use max timeout and skip timeout calculation
4ff8f69 crypto: msm: add suspend/resume callback for qcedev driver
9e0d588 hammerhead: Add clk support for second qcrypto device
c4c6ce8 clock: msm: Add clk support for second qcrypto device
080d119 iommu: msm: Move location of local iommu halt
93f69ae iommu: msm: Program all M2V tables at once
b969321 iommu: msm: Add reference counting to IOMMUv1
33f467f iommu: msm: Create secure page tables for SMMUv2 also
33c8da1 ARM: dts: msm: Add support for second qcrypto device for 8974
0c791f4 ARM: dts: msm8974: Add support for incall LCH tone playback
1d775c5 ARM: dts: msm: Add flags for FDE/PFE support
22dcd01 ARM: dts: msm: add SDHC DAT1 line wakeup support for 8974
28cfc64 ARM: dts: msm: add clock management flag for qcrypto driver on 8974
2102e6b ARM: dts: msm: add use SW algo flags in qcrypto driver on 8974
05939a8 ARM: dts: msm: support qseecom bus scaling in msm8974
29a26c4 arm/dts: msm8974: Change qseecom device tree setting
6013e8b crypto: msm: Fix SHA-1/256 zero length input data issue
8b5490e crypto: msm: re-work qcrypto driver clk and bus management
fde2606 crypto: msm: add dynamic engine assignment support
08f4dfe crypto: msm: fix memory leak during algorithm registration
3011b02 crypto: msm: ota: fix possible buffer overflow issue
133b9a7 crypto: msm: Add support for multiple qcrypto devices
4bc5d94 crypto: msm: fix Off-by-one error in computation of length for strlcpy()
958cf21 crypto: msm: enable rfc4309(ccm(aes)) algorithm
4a99bdf crypto: msm: Add basic suspend resume functionality
b79553a crypto: msm: Rename and register crypto algorithms
2a2f28c crypto: msm: Fix a bug when writing xts du size
fd6963c crypto: msm: Fix key length setting
38e85c1 crypto: msm: add pm wakeup support for qcrypto driver
bebb7d9 crypto: msm: fix hmac ahashing issues with simultaneous multiple requests.
6214f14 crypto: msm: fix hmac hashing issues with various key size
006749b crypto: msm: fix aead combined mode decipher problem
e2badaa crypto: msm: multiple qcrypto support
cd5ff27 crypto: msm: fix issues in ce clock disable processing
4ccbc7e crypto: msm: optimize ce bandwith scaling
cf7a3e9 crypto: msm: Add support for setting XTS data unit size
43f6aac crypto: msm: Handle error case
44d89a5 crypto: msm: qce50 ota crypto support
cc2c584 crypto: msm: Remove invalid check in qcedev driver
f2511c0 crypto: msm: Fix issues related to non-zero byteoffset input
c9d94ee crypto: Fix memory leak in bam_release call
61883f4 crypto: msm: multiple qce50 support
bb9df2c msm: msm_bus: Don't divide RPM BW requests
28e21f2 msm: msm_bus: Arbitrate IB for dual config masters
816113b msm: msm_bus: Don't program bw regs in dual config
af0d8a7 msm: msm_bus: Add checks during bus client unregistration
a0fe455 crypto: msm: Fix null pointer exception in qcrypto_count_sg()
8de32d2 crypto: msm: Use scnprintf() instead of snprintf()
1b9174b crypto: msm: check potential integer overflow on AEAD req length
3316123 crypto: msm: Fix Uninitialized flags
37a4dee crypto: msm: Add support for aead
3f401a1 crypto: msm: check NULL pointer in _qcrypto_setkey_des()
8f91ad3 ARM: dts: msm: Remove bus active-only property from TSPP
89d5933 security: selinux: Add Per-File-Encryption hooks
e1a3f9d platform: msm: fix PFT when using direct-io
d17e85e msm: cleanup and minor fixes for PFT driver
81659ee platform: msm: pft: fix close all encrypted files
943e91d platform: msm: fix PFT char device major number
bb6e77d platform: msm: add Per-File-Tagger (PFT) driver
8cfc77d dm: dm-req-crypt: add support for Per-File-Encryption
f755dbd Setting correct HW crypto driver instance for FDE
81acdcd dm: Clean up dm-req-crypt
cdbf381 dm: updating crypto algorithm used by dm-req-crypt
0185fe8 Request based dm-crypt
7eca3b7 qseecom: Fix Merge Errors
05e52ac qseecom: Add support to handle multiple app load & unload
3267e5b qseecom: change return value to 0 if app id exists when loading app
8a6baa4 misc: qseecom: fix wipe-key api for PFE key
323cdbb qseecom: register bus bandwidth mode when loading app
1094a62 qseecom: Check the return value of "ion_phys"
53a1c62 qseecom: Fix failure to load cmnlib image
26f0811 qseecom: Replace kzalloc with ion_alloc
869c0b2 qseecom: update cumulative_mode and timer properly.
8f592d6 qseecom: add support to clear key for per file encryption
b1c7f1f qseecom: Fix issues with failure to release client handle
d171fdc qseecom: Unload the app upon receiving qseecom_release.
7171ccd6 qseecom: change bus scale up mode in resume function
e192073 qseecom: Check for FDE/PFE feature
41a75c9 qseecom: Add support for PFE feature
cb729d8 qseecom: Validate shared buffer length & virtual address
2e77b7d qseecom: Change pr_warning message to pr_debug
9644519 qseecom: Validate pointer offset in qseecom_send_modfd_cmd
deb6743 qseecom: Ensure CE clk is managed properly
699533d qseecom: change qseecom bus scaling timer operation
2b35e2f qseecom: update clock ref count when bus scaling timer is running
4bb3e39 qseecom: Validate the pointer returned by ion_import_dma_buf
b231c5d qseecom: increase load app timer delay
c76b930 qseecom: Update
4fc4b2a Defconfig: v3.4.100
704ca1f Merge tag 'v3.4.100' into stock
82f9c4a Linux 3.4.100
21870a3 iommu/vt-d: Disable translation if already enabled
5dc1c88 PM / sleep: Fix request_firmware() error at resume
299e667 alarmtimer: Fix bug where relative alarm timers were treated as absolute
b63dd4c drm/radeon: avoid leaking edid data
ed37976 mwifiex: fix Tx timeout issue
a2b2c03 perf/x86/intel: ignore CondChgd bit to avoid false NMI handling
26adeae ipv4: fix buffer overflow in ip_options_compile()
4427f9a dns_resolver: Null-terminate the right string
c304a23 dns_resolver: assure that dns_query() result is null-terminated
7670d47 sunvnet: clean up objects created in vnet_new() on vnet_exit()
48b83df net: pppoe: use correct channel MTU when using Multilink PPP
9de2be6 net: sctp: fix information leaks in ulpevent layer
d1558f7 tipc: clear 'next'-pointer of message fragments before reassembly
3c656d4 be2net: set EQ DB clear-intr bit in be_open()
3fa1f50 appletalk: Fix socket referencing in skb
f37e491 tcp: fix false undo corner cases
fbaf3a0 igmp: fix the problem when mc leave group
d7f5473 8021q: fix a potential memory leak
06c84e9 tcp: fix tcp_match_skb_to_sack() for unaligned SACK at end of an skb
21618a8 shmem: fix splicing from a hole while it's punched
0f5a4a0 shmem: fix faulting into a hole, not taking i_mutex
a62f374 shmem: fix faulting into a hole while it's punched
64fb4e2 crypto: testmgr - update LZO compression test vectors
529db5f zram: avoid lockdep splat by revalidate_disk
e653179 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add support for hidden ssid PNO scan
9e93567 staging: android: lowmemorykiller: set TIF_MEMDIE before send kill sig
e716c3e msm: mdss: fix merge derp.
457b4f5 msm: mdss: Add backlight attenuation mechanism in AD auto strength mode
d6b6adc msm: mdss: Fix error cases in AD config
d8a7462 msm: mdss: Fix error in BL linearity inverse LUT check
e05c9f5 mdss: Fix null point dereference in mdss_mdp_pp_init
bebaaa8 msm: mdss: Correction in cyclical reading of histogram bins
8bf809c msm: mdss: Make sure MDP clocks are voted for while AD is stabilizing
d8c4ad7 msm: mdss: Prevent AD on out of range displays
58f3da25 msm: mdss: Fix dither matrix configuration
4c382c3 msm: mdss: Separate AD info from AD hardware base address
f841362 msm: mdss: Balance clock requests in histogram enable
993e430 msm: mdss: Unlock correct mutex in AD setup
179ccc4 msm: mdss: Fix issues in gamma interface
c665e87 mdss: fix merge derp.
3063e80 msm: mdss: Add an extra write of zero to clear dsi-ack-err bit
60ca8e5 msm: mdss: Prevent ALS data configuration when AD is disabled
ddc507e msm: mdss: Validate input argument
38e7bb6 msm: mdss: Update screen resolution for Assertive Display
d36f85e msm: mdss: Store AD backlight notification function
07039df msm: mdss: Don't calculate AD with zero backlight
56dfe80 msm: mdss: Allow CMD panels for Assertive Display
8b95887 msm: mdss: Use primary display backlight in WB AD case
d712b70 msm: mdss: Update BL on first AD update
b84b700 msm: mdss: Debug log for assertive display inputs
c13849d msm: mdss: Define number of concurrent Assertive Display HW
7ad44c4 msm: mdss: allow assertive display on write back framebuffer
76e93a0 usb: gadget: f_audio_source: change max ISO packet size
3169d1c Revert "s3c2410_wdt: Add locking to cpu frequency transition notifier"
0524ad7 cgroup: Fix use after free of cgrp (cgrp->css_sets)
2f5d085 cgroup: Take css_set_lock from cgroup_css_sets_empty()
5f3b951 usb: gadget: f_accessory: Enabled Zero Length Packet (ZLP) for acc_write
ecb8261 random: check for increase of entropy_count because of signed conversion
0d0284a random: fix nasty entropy accounting bug
7cbefa6 random: convert use of typedef ctl_table to struct ctl_table
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awesome update! i really hope the 650mhz gpu clock gets integrated into the kernel, that clock is stable via Kcontrol for me, and performance is nice.

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