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Here's a review of the latest developer preview from the amazing crew back at Mountain View!!!

*fade in*

*plays patriotic-ish music*



The Disclaimer!

The Welcome Screen's Welcome Screen

*honestly I have no idea why the image turned out to be so gigantic.. eh.. just go with it*

The Disclaimer has been known to cause disheartening, worry and anxiety but FEAR NOT! For I have used this phone for a GREAT deal of time (about twenty two minutes and a half) and I've not seem to have any glitches, random hiccups, nauseousness, seizures, so I think this is quite relatively stable..? I may end up erasing this line if I do end up in the care of [H]ouse M.D..

Moving on you'll notice the subtle changes in the colour scheme, fonts and the kinda blue, green, cyan, hybrid status bar.. I think they're inching towards translucency.

DAT bold lil green plus sign :3

And by gosh, I wish I could show you guys the transitions between the pages - it's so smooth, so clean, so beautiful I'd wanna take it out to dinner, then maybe take it back to my place, t.. okay you get the idea.

Yeah-ha! That's my Wifi Name..(lol)..  I know! ;P

Czech out that keyboard. The lack of lines almost makes me feel like this date is going nowhere...

...kinda like Windows with iOS colours, no?

And that ripple effect when you tap... Ooooooooh.

I could tap it all night long.

That ripple effect kinda starts off like a dot under your finger and in a blink starts spreading all over the selection looking all majestic as fork.

Time to put that password in... Notice the hybrid status bar finally making a decision to stay black.

Yeah-ha! That's a long password..(lol).. I know! ;P

Daymn Gurl, You got some good ol' ripples.

Well this hasn't changed..

took a few minutes indeed.. now that baby don' mind, teddy west-side took his time..

Home Sweet..


You guys, I can't stress this enough, the notification shade has undergone a massive change...

..And the coolest lil thing I unfortunately couldn't get a screenshot of, was when you receive a new notification, or an existing one updates, if you're in the notification shade, you'll see the previous notification sort of fade out and a box-zoom in of the newer notification. It's such a sweet lil transition!

Also tapping on the top right corner now brings down your quick settings/toggles and another tap brings you to Settings. Swiping up and down over the notification shade brings a cool stack UI effect as the notifications get pushed up or down.. You'll see ongoing notifications shown first up with that lil white sorta thin line separating itself from the rest of the notifications because it's too cool and that's just how it rolls.

And this may surprise people but when you now pull down for the notifications, the screen gets an entire dark tinge and this tumblr like UI box shows up above.

Tapping on the quick toggle icons also has a ripple effect and like a circular zoom in to the settings' actions. This is all just to sweet. No wonder Android keeps naming them after sweet stuff.

Overscrolling has another change to it.. and reacts to the position of your finger!

Overscrolling when your finger is to the right,


And even when moving from a corner to the centre, the overscroll effect sorta follows your finger and changes its height!


Just a lil more glimpse of these ripples. I'm loving the subtle-ness xD

And multiple tapping on the Android version just brings up a whole lotta love for France..



Vive la France.......

Also I dunno if you noticed but in the settings there's a search icon (to the top right) and that brings up this... So I guess you can get to the exact setting you want much quicker!


The recents is almost exactly like having multiple tabs open in Chrome, you can flick through them, they stack up, stack down, you can swipe away or X marks the spot..,

But here's the thing. If you've got a lotta swiping away to do, you're more likely than not gonna swipe away the current app you're in because as you swipe, it doesn't push the cards down to go to the more older apps, instead it pushes the stack up, forcing more recents to show up first, and that makes a it a lil inconvenient when cleaning up.

As of now, I love the new subtle changes...

(notice the folders on the home screen have a different pattern of stacking icons now - in a line, instead of sideways)


*cue WB cartoon ending theme*



I gotta dash. I guess I'll work on this later.
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