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[GUIDE][Hard mod] Nexus 5's throttling solved by adding thermal paste.

7th December 2014, 03:56 AM |#31  
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I know this is an aging thread, but I thought I'd share some additional info, as I just did essentially this same thing to my Nexus with great results. Unfortunately, I did not see this thread before starting, if I had I would have taken baseline screen temperatures, since an increase there seems to be a concern. But, you'll see post-mod temps below.

Maybe it varies phone-to-phone, but there was NO thermal compound on the chip to start with, and it does not make contact with the metal frame directly above it. The chip is essentially insulated by air-gap, rather than sinked. Can't imagine why this was done, as it basically subjects the chip and adjacent components to very high temps, instead of subjecting the whole phone to moderate temps.

Can't see most of OP's pictures, and you may be able to guess why I couldn't take any pictures during the process, but it's really simple. There is a square indent in the frame where the main chip sits; I put a layer of thick copper foil in this to fill the air-gap. Then I put thermal compound on the main chip, as well as a thin layer on the metal shield surrounding it, as this shield contacts the frame. Also put a thin layer on the SIM holder, as this also touches the frame and may pull some heat away from other components (mostly was thinking of the flash LED when in torch mode, as it's directly opposite).

I ran Stability Test's classic test for 15 minutes to see before/after, with System Monitor running in background-process mode.

Before thermal treatment:
@5:00 - 40 successful runs
@10:00 - 74
@15:00 - 107
CPU temp leveled out at 80c pretty quickly

After Treatment:
@5:00 - 50 successful runs
@10:00 - 90
@15:00 - 131
CPU leveled out at 73c

Running Linaro kernel, so throttling is not stock. Ambient temp was 20c for both tests. According to IR thermometer, screen temp leveled out at 36c (at the top, bottom of screen is cooler) after the treatment. So, this mod results in heat being transferred to the whole phone, but the temps are not enough to damage anything, and will result in a much better environment at the main chip and surrounding components.

There you have it; ~20% increase in sustained work capacity for about 30 minutes of work. And yes, my Antutu score increased as well, but we all know we shouldn't care about that...
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18th March 2015, 10:27 PM |#32  
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Stock Lollipop 5.1. PVS 2. Encrypted.

17 C at home.

Franco kernel r72; default settings (Conservative CPU governor, Noop I/O scheduler, 70C CPU thermal threshold, Balance Performance profile)

ARTIC MX-4 Thermal compound (Carbon micro-particles).

AnTuTu Benchmark v5.6.2 (Stability test). ~39K on Test (Before and after)

System Monitor 1.4.3 (Flying monitor. CPU temperature)

-Min: 26 C
-Max: 84 C
-Average: 61 C

-Min: 25 C (-1)
-Max: 83 C (-1)
-Average: 58 C (-3)



But... What about BATTERY temperature???

Stability Test v2.7 (CPU + GPU Stability Test. 5 minutes):

BEFORE: From 20,5 C to 25,6 C (+5,1)

AFTER: From 29,7 C to 29,7 C (+0!!!)

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19th March 2015, 08:35 AM |#33  
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Originally Posted by adey64

I was wondering why you think the screen heating up is a bad idea.. Doesn't it heat up even without the mod?..

The thing is, we cannot go against basic laws of physics, like energy conservation law. People expecting getting colder device with mod applied are wrong.
Actually, your device will be hotter since the amount of heat generated under the same conditions is the same, but it is more quickly transferred from internal components to device frame. And moreover, since this tricks throttling mechanism into being able to use higher CPU frequencies (since heat is more quickly removed from components where temp is measured), this automatically results in even more heat generated. Back frame is not able to absorb that amount by itself, that's why screen is getting hotter.
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20th March 2015, 12:59 AM |#34  
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That would be correct if the Phone would be constantly used for intense computing like a benchmark or stress test. But I think this mod is for the average use where the SOC gets a task where it has to do some demanding work and since SOCs are designed to do those tasks quikly and go back to sleep the SOC can do that without throttling and finishes that task
But if it is only for Benchmarking and constant intense tasks youre right. It is contraproductive for the whole Phone since more parts get worn out because of the transfer on other parts
23rd March 2015, 01:44 PM |#35  
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I can safely say that the mod has not worked. Idle temps before were around the 38-40C mark. After results are 43 idle.
Used Arctic Silver 5.
Yesterday, 01:03 AM |#36  
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So, I first made it by just applying thermal paste between screen and processor. I noticed that the temperatures were really stable, and of course, the screen was getting hotter, but not as much to bother me. So, after that, I decided to open it and put a small metal piece between the screen and the processor, but, I let a small bended part of it out of the square, so the metal piece dissipates heat by air too. Conclusion: It's even better than before and I got 44300 on antutu with thermal throttling off, stock frequency, the temperatures are much stable and low now, and, the screen is not getting as hot as before. The temperature rarely gets over 60C with heavy use such as games. With normal use with apps like facebook and tapatalk it stays between 40C and 44C.
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Yesterday, 11:07 AM |#37  
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This MOD can help you to lower the temps but to be honest, it wont prevent you from thermal throttling of any kind. All you do is to prolong the duration of the time until the SoC is starting to throttle. Dont forget one thing: thermal grease also has a thermal resistance .

But on the other hand, if you own your device since 2013 and youre out of warranty anway, you can still perform this Mod since at least it wont do any harm if performed properly. Maybe Im going to perform it later too since I still have some Arctic Silver 5 left, some thin copper sheets and other parts.

Edit: I did the MOD now but in a different way than just adding some thermal paste to fill the gap.

I cut around 16 x 16 mm of 0.5mm thick copper from a junk sheet I had laying around ( I used a mini grinder ) , made sure to polish the surface on both sides with grinding paper I attached a thin layer of Arctic Silver 5 on the metal surface ( in the 16x16mm gap ), attached the copper plate and also added a slight layer of Arctic Silver 5 on top of it.

Ofc I made sure to clean all surfaces first with 100% Isopropanol ( the expensive alcohol ).

Now all I need to do is to keep an eye on my device and before I forget to mention....I also joined the "warranty void club" :P

If the Mod is done properly, it might at least help to prolong the lifetime of your components. Dont forget one thing: These SoCs are engineered in a way to withstand way higher temperatures than you might expect so a Mod is not really necessary
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