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I've been measuring charge speed lately and here are my results. Feel free to check yourselves, I use the Elixir 2 app.

All tests were done with screen brightness on minimum, Wifi (2 Bars) on and 3G connection (2 Bars).
FauxClock setting for max amp input was set to 2000mA (2 Amps).

1.2A Nexus 4 Charger: 1200mA-1300mA
USB 2.0 Port w/ Data Connection: 50mA-100mA
USB 2.0 Port w/o Data Connection: 350mA-500mA
USB 3.0 Port w/o Data Connection: 650mA-750mA
Nexus Qi Charging Orb (Rated 1A Output): 700mA-750mA
Apple Charger (Rated for 1.1A): 350mA-450mA
Old Sony Ericsson Charger (Rated 500mA): 500mA

To read the chart, remember that the Nexus 5 has a 2300 mAh sized battery. If we charge at 750 mA, it should take us aprox. 3 hours to fully charge the Nexus 5. (2300 / 750 = 3.0666)

Also a quick note, charging with Data Connection cables (cables that allow you to transfer data) don't charge as fast as a cable strictly made for charging (or with the D+ and D- shorted). For maximum output, get a 2A charger and a good quality cable.

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