Default [KERNEL][STOCK][4.4.2] Only Adb Insecure

Hi there!
I needed adbd to always run as root in order to push/pull files, but I wanted to stick as close as possible to stock, so I just modified the production boot.img with a patched version of adbd that enforces it to always run as root. I used a boot.img for Android 4.4.2 extracted from the factory images [1] provided by Google.
I thought that it could be usefull to somebody else so... here you have.

It comes in two flavors:
  • CWM installable .zip [2]
  • boot.img for fastboot[/URL] [3]

[1] Google Factory Images : (https)
[2] CWM Installable .zip : (https)!lJVxWCaA!QA4Zo04_bnzxEjmHDyjUDl9cFiAjJ5QCuIzuYFN bnFU
[3] boot.img : (https)!sYE0xDZL!PpR1GzIraGCMxr9BOqrZ0wFbBnJO6HSdsee4mGF d5PA


P.D.: Sorry if this is no the right place to open a thread like this, but I still don't have permissions to open a new one into Development forums neither post external URLs :_(