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Nexus 5 - Best Buy Price Match - Share your story!

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Originally Posted by Johmama View Post
I'd go in person and say the same thing. When the sales associate won't listen, ask to talk to the manager. Say the same thing to him. When he won't listen, bring up the Play Store, and go to technical specs. At the same time, go to Best Buy's site or Sprint's site and go to technical specs (whichever will show the ACTUAL specs; BB's site doesn't seem to go into too much detail). Then just Google "Nexus 5 versions" or "Can unlocked Nexus 5 be used on Sprint?" and show the results. Basically show them that everyone knows that the devices are identical except them.

Of course, showing them that is no guarantee that they'll honor the price match. As this whole thread states, YMMV when it comes to them price matching.
Yeah i try that and i went pretty hard on that... guess what they end up telling me well its still sprint phone so we can't price match... this is crazy
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Default 8653484

Well I just ordered the 32gb version from google play. it's for my wife as a Christmas present. I use S3 and S4...
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Originally Posted by xxjrsmith3xx View Post
Yeah i try that and i went pretty hard on that... guess what they end up telling me well its still sprint phone so we can't price match... this is crazy
As a retailer, I can chip in as to why they didn't price match it.

We retailers do not get the Nexus 5s at a very reasonable price. At the store I work at, the cost for the 16GB version of the Nexus 5 is $448 - and we sell it for $500. That's the price all of our stores get it at, and considering we're a large company, that's substantial.

So, considering that the price for it is $100 less than our cost from the Play Store, we don't price match it (or any other phone for outright sale, for that matter.) If it's a 2-year contract deal then sure, yeah, it's a different story.

It's not that Best Buy is marking these things up a huge amount. They probably have a very similar cost to what our stores do, and so they really can't sell it for that price. Could you imagine if 100 stores sold 10 phone for $100 less than cost value? That's a $100,000 loss right there, $10,000 per store. And those are generous number - we all know Best Buy has way more than 100 stores nationwide. Best Buy has over 1000 stores nationwide, which would bring the total loss to far more than just 6 figures.

So, think of it this way essentially: Each time you convince that manager to price match that Nexus 5, you're causing that manager to lose his store at least $80. It may not seem like much, but that can add up really quickly.
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Originally Posted by xxjrsmith3xx View Post
Yeah i try that and i went pretty hard on that... guess what they end up telling me well its still sprint phone so we can't price match... this is crazy
I also have the s4 on my sprint line and easily prefer the n5 over the s4. When you bounce back and forth the lag the s4 has becomes quite noticeable.

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I went to three different stores and didn't have any success. The first store I went to wouldn't even sell me a phone off contract at all. At the second store the employee even tried to convince his manager to do the price match but still no success. Next I went to a third store and they wouldn't price match either. So finally after all that I sucked it up and bought one on the Play Store and received it today.
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Went to a BestBuy and they said they'll match it but don't have any in stock. I called a BestBuy Mobile in the mall, they said their not allowed to price match unless it's a carrier selling the phone cheaper than $450. I told him that I just left a BestBuy that agreed to price match and he said he was sorry but it's against BestBuy policies and he doesn't know why that store would price match it when their not allowed to.
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Man when I went to my best buy before I got it in the mail I tried to price match the phone and they said they couldn't. Even talked to the manager. He said they couldn't sell it without a contract to sprint and activate it before it leaves the store and it even had sprints branding on it. Which is all bs. Then a lead geek squad guy chimed in and people doing that probably got fired for doing that....... I went to a local best buy in ohio.

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Been trying to pricematch at 3 different best buys in my area, it's a no go. Going to try a few other best buys that are (a little) out of my way....

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