Default [Q] CM Messaging .apk? [SOLVED]

Does anyone have a standaole Cyanogenmod Messaging apk I can push to /system/app or install on another ROM? I looked in the latest nightly zip, and did not find an Mms.apk. I also flashed the ROM just to make sure it was there, and yes it was. I also looked inside the /system/app folder on my phone after it installed, and I did not see an Mms.apk. Where is it stored?

Found it!

It's located in system/priv-app. No idea when/why it moved there. Also, if you flash the Paranoid Android GAPPS package (first one with everything), it automatically removes the AOSP/CM Mms.apk included. Hope this helps! Going to write a small tutorial as to how to avoid this problem in the future.