Default Can't connect to wifi network (WPA PSK)

So, after browsing a bit about this I'm still unable to connect to my work wifi network. Every other network I'm able to connect just fine.
I put the wifi password, authenticates, goes to "obtaining ip address", goes back to authenticate.. and doesn't connect.
Forcing (using manual IP configuration) connects but doesn't open websites, even tho I'm using the connect gateway / dns servers. (even used 1st dns same as gateway).
Got a LG 4x next to me connecting just fine, problem is only on my nexus 5.
So far happens on 4.4.2 and 4.4.3.
Tried some tips that I saw around the web like disabing nfc or turning on and off airplane mode (although there isn't much logic in these), but still nothing.

Wifi password is correct.

Problem it seems is somewhere obtaining the ip from the router or something, as it goes back when it reaches this point, but then again forcing it allows me to connect but doesn't open websites.

Any tips? I'm suing WPA2 PSK at home and it's fine.
The network is in a 2ghz range channel 10.

Any help is appreciated.

PS - Router is a linksys WAP54G.
Thanks a lot!

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