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Hi there, there's no thread for the official Cyanogenmod 11 yet so I thought I'd ask here, I was on an unofficial release for weeks now, and I just installed the first release, which I believe they're calling a Snapshot, and in doing so I lost a bunch of stuff, like my camera for example, and many gapps, but I still have like half of the gapps? Has anyone else tried CM11 official yet and experienced this? Any help would be appreciated. I didn't make a backup (foolishly) before doing this so I cant just restore, but if no one knows the issue, would it be as simple as installing my original CM11 zip over the top like I did this one to sort of restore?
Device: Samsung Galaxy S3 Nexus 7 (2013)
ROM: Stock 4.3 MK3 Stock 4.4.2
Carrier: Sprint

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