Default [Q] cannot disable fastcharge

i am running 4.4.2 cataclysm rom but more importantly i am using faux kernel 008u.
i was trying to turn on fastcharge because i have usb ports on my surge protector and it only charged by 'USB'.
i turned fast charge on and it improved it to 'Wireless' which i assume is faster. also made a cool little sound.

however, unlike previous fastcharge on faux, even plugging the phone with the oem wall charger also caused the phone to charge 'Wirelessly' (according to settings>battery) so i raised the current to 1200mA but it did not fix the problem.

i then disabled it since it was too inconvenient but even when the setting is disabled in the fauxclock app, i still cant charge normally.
i restored and even reflashed the kernel, rom, but it didnt help. I even switched to my secondary rom (multirom PA) which is running a different kernel to see if it was localised but it was also affected somehow.

now when its plugged into the wall, it charges 20%/h

can anyone help me diagnose and troubleshoot the problem? any help will be greatly appreciated!