Default Can't enter recovery running stock 4.4.1 with encryption

My phone is on 4.4.1 and I'm using encryption with stock recovery.

I had a problem with reverting back to stock when I was using 4.4 with TWRP and encryption and had to use this method to revert to stock. I performed a sideload of 4.4.1 while I was at it.

I was able to enter the stock recovery but after encrypting the internal storage again I can't seem to enter the stock recovery. It just boots into the OS.

Any suggestions?

* Update *
I went ahead and wiped the partitions and reinstalled everything from Stock 4.4 then sideloaded the OTA to 4.4.2.
I then turned on encryption. This time I was able to get into the stock recovery. It was either a bug in 4.4.1 or a corrupted stock recovery. At this point everything seems to work fine (even performed a data wipe from recovery to make sure).