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Could use some help here :)

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Default Could use some help here :)

Ok so I do own a Nexus 5, but this thread is about a tablet, not my phone. However the tablet I am talking about has no forum of it's own, so hopefully some kind soul will be able to help me out. So, to the business at hand:

For my daughters birthday I bought her an Arch™ Metallic Mini-Studio cheap from Amazon. She's turning 4, so I didn't want to go all out on a Nexus 7 like mine for her. There's every reason to believe she will break it soon It's surprisingly a very good tablet in some ways, but there are a couple of issues, both WiFi related. It should be noted at this point that the device arrived PRE-ROOTED. I was shocked, but it's lucky for me because I have no idea how to root a device with no Dev support at all.

Issue number 1: SLOW WiFi. I mean really slow. It makes no sense every other device is fine on my WiFi this one is crazy slow. I have no idea whatsoever on how to fix it.

Issue number 2: When the screen turns off, so does the WiFi. This is also strange and I got no idea how to address this issue.

There are a few other minor things I notice, but they can be ignored and I chock them up to it being an El-cheapo Chinese tablet. These two are terrible though.

I will go ahead and say though for any of you with kids, this thing is GREAT for $100 even if my device isn't malfunctioning. As long as your kid doesn't need fast WiFi. it's nice. I love that it has an SD card slot and HDMI out, making it perfect for storing lots of My Little Pony and playing them to my TV

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Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? Unfortunately we don't know about other devices here. Its a developers forum. Best bet is to get info directly from the horses mouth or Google for a help forum.

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