Prompt How do activate LED's from command line?

I'm running the 12-25 nightly of AOKP.

I did this on my S3 but the layout of the N5 is different.

I am able to briefly trigger the colors from the command line but no matter what I can't change the pattern or manipulate anything else.

From adb shell....

root: /sys/class/leds/{color}: echo 255 > brightness
root: /sys/class/leds/{color}: echo 1 > rgb_start
(These 2 commands allow a very brief flash of the true color of the directory you are in such as blue or red.)

When I get a notification from a text, the default is a hazy whiteish blue color.

After that I checked the files in the blue directory and that's when I saw brightness go to 255 from 0.
Then on_off_ms changes from 50 0 to 1000 9000 which is the setting giving it like 9 seconds in between flashes.
No changes to the trigger file either.

Any ideas how to gain a greater manipulation of the LED for our N5?