Question [Q] How to have app badges, LED light control and Indepth SMS search etc !

He guys,

I have recently shifted to Android on Nexus 5. I am finding most of the experience pretty good by far except for few hiccups.

1. I am used to reminder badges on iOS. It actually works pretty great. Missing that in Android so far. Specially with the Phone, SMS(Chomp SMS), WhatsApp and Gmail. I have figured out a way with goggling but I am still not satisfied. I am using Notifyer but that works with widgets. Meaning I can't use the same with folders on the home screen. Now all the social Apps like FB,Twitter, Instagram etc needs to be on my desktop eating away space. How to manage that.

2. I am so used to the notifications on the home screen like iOS. Is there something which does the same for Android.

3. How to have LED light control for Individual Apps at one place. As of now it feels broken. Some Apps have LED control like whatsapp but you need to go deep in the app. Now a centralised place for the same would have been awesome. I don't know why devs at google missed this.

4. InDepth SMS search. Firstly they broke SMS with stupid hangouts and SMS integrations. Then google being google should have the most awesomest search feature. Instead SMS search is completely a disaster. You have touch time searching for name of the person who smsed forget the searching the content itself. Apple with iOS had mastered that. I get tons of work related SMS from new people everyday and to keep searching for the content without knowing the Phone number is a PITA. Any SMS app which has in-depth SMS search.

I will keep posting further queries if I have any.

Thanks In Advance.