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Laggy Nexus 5

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Default Laggy Nexus 5

Just received the phone yesterday. right at startup the phone updated to 4.4.1 (yes, not 4.4.2) and updated all relevant apps.

I then started to play with it a bit, and immediately sensed glitches and lags. Scrolling through photos in gallery, scorlling to the widget zone in the drawer (using nova launcher) or scrolling through feed in google+ - lags.

I compared it to my nexus 4 on same gallery pictures scrolling, browser scrolling and so on, and in all, my nexus 4 was smoother.
Actually, I had almost no lags with my nexus 4 the entire year off (worth mentioning Im using a custom rom, but didnt see no lags or glitches on my moms phone too)

For a second I was afraid I have a hardware problem. so I tested it on antutu. I scored 18k-24k, which was less then all of flagships phones (htc one, s4 etc..) my nexus 4 scores 20k.

I know all are cheating on antutu, and I dont give it to much importance. but lags? serieosly? How can it be?

I'll appreciate some comments and your impressions and suggestions.
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Refund it

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I read something about CPU binning perhaps you gotten a lower quality CPU?

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Nexus 5
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Cant RMA currently. would like to know whether it is a software of hardware problem.

I find a repreducable situation in which my nexus 5 lags dramatically and nexus 4 and nexus 7 do not:

I enter images of HD wall papers and scroll through them. my nexus 5 really struglles replacing pictures while nexus 4 and nexus 7 are swiping between extremly smoothly. I checked it on both chrome and dolphin. same outcome. very smooth transition on nexus 4 and 7, very very lagy transition on the nexus 5

nexus 5 has 4.4.1
nexus 4 has 4.3
nexus 7 has 4.4

Any help tyring to figuring out where the probelm comes from will be highly appriciated.
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Any help?

Can you guys enter the link with your phones, swipe through pictures and tell me if you feel any lag?
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Default Nexus 4 or 5

Now after reading this , littl confusion whether to go for nexus 4
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