Question [Q] Limit no. of IMAP emails download

Hi guys,

I've found several mails around my issue but none solved out my exact issue:

I want to use the stock email app to connect to my IMAP account but since I'm using that account for several years now, it hold round about 6000 mails in the Inbox. Thus I would like to limit the no. of downloaded emails. Its working with Exchange-accounts (by defining a limitation by days) and I could even swear that it worked for IMAP out of the box (I'm not sure though that there was a switch to define the no. of days that I would like to receive).

But now, after I started to set up my phone from scratch: As soon as I finish setting up my account, the Nexus starts leeching Gigs of mails to the phone.

I know about K9, but I'm interested in a solution with the stock app as I'm sure it was working before.

Thanks for you help.