Prompt Monitor mode solution?maybe i've got it

Hi guys, maybe i've found a monitor mode solution that works on our nexus 5 devices, unfortunately i can't test if it works, cause i haven't the correct Wifi adapter.
Omni rom is required, i've found a kernel(i've only tested on omni like the developer of this kernel) that install usb host driver for atheros and tl-wn722n wifi usb adapters on nexus 5.
I've tried to flash this kernel and all fine, but now i can't test if monitor mode works cause i have none of these usb wifi adapters.
if granted leave you the link of the page of the kernel :
The page and the kernel is not mine, i've only found them on google looking for a solution, and would like to share, to finally give an answer to the many questions on monitor mode.
If someone can try please, give me some feedback if it works fine or no, cause i have yet to buy wifi adapter, and for now can't do nothing.