Default [Q] Nexus 5 issue with Snapchat

I'll try and keep it clear and simple.
I had 2 Nexus 5's. One RMA'd and one replacement device. I did a TWRP backup of my original phone and then dropped it onto the new Nexus and restored it. The modifications I had on it were 2 exposed modules, Keepchat and Snapshare, the Nexus 5 bitrate increaser camera app v1.3, and an older version of snapchat (4.0.10) so I could use snapshare. I install some 4.4.1 camera apk from an XDA thread, (don't think it matters what it is and i'll tell you why soon.) and then powered my device back on. Tried to use snapchat, and when I hold down the button to record a video snapchat says "Video recording failed". I figured maybe it was just trouble from my sloppy transfer of data from one Nexus 5 to another so I factory reset the phone, flashed a complete stock image, put the ORIGINAL modifications I had used back onto this phone because they had been working for months, and snapchat still has the same problem. What gives? I figured a complete wipe of the phone would clear away any problems, and I know it's not the modifications I'm using now because they had worked fine before. Any ideas on how to get this working again? Even with Xposed uninstalled and a stock camera APK snapchat still won't record videos.

Edit: Turns out video recording with camera app won't work either.