Default Turn off - Solved

Hi All,

Yesterday my phone suddenly turned off and i couldn't turn it on, i was sure i ran out of battery as i was @ 10% battery last i looked at it.
when i got home i put it in the charger and it turned but it showed the Google logo vibrated and turned right off.
after searching the web i found this threat but none if the button combinations suggested helped i could see the green robot but that would disappear after 1 second as well.
Called Google tech and he had no idea what the problem was he tried doing the power + Volume buttons as well but nothing helped, after 10 min. with him he suggested an RMA, as i am out of the US he could no process an RMA for me now.

I was very disappointed to have a weeks old Nexus 5 die on me and started playing with it.
It looked to me as if the power button was pressed constantly and was in some of loop.
I rattled the phone a bit pounding slightly on the back next to the power button & suddenly the phone turned on as normal.
I tried it several times and figured out that the power button is not "sitting" in place as it should and when i pounded lightly on the back everything turned on as it should.

I assume there is some mechanical fault in the power button assembly and this can happen to anybody with the rattling power button.